AMPERAGE (Australian Microcomputer Preservation, Education, Recycling, Arts, Gaming and Events) is a Melbourne-based organisation dedicated to increasing public awareness of both the technological and the creative history of the early (1975-1995) home-computing era (in Australia in particular) through websites, software, exhibitions and events.

We believe that, as a foundation for more advanced learning, the early home-computing era offers several advantages as an introduction to computing technologies, chief among them the simplicity of the system architecture and the wealth of reference material available, including books, magazines and software.

The recent popularity of video games, movies, music and art inspired by this era may also help support interest and acceptance amongst potential pupils that the study of early microcomputers is a viable and engaging pathway to finding an understanding of how modern technology works in a fun and entertaining way. As such, we encourage artistic creativity and other endeavours that help contribute to that popularity.

Finally, while the internet is a good way to reach much of our target audience, we also feel that hands-on experience with the technology of the era is important, and thus we intend to sponsor and organise events and workshops to that end.

To receive more information and/or updates, e-mail info@amperage.org.au

Our premiere project is the Octalyzer — a fantasy console firmly grounded in reality.